Friday, November 18, 2016

Elections have consequences

Time to hold accountable those who lost the election:
There will be a progressive protest of the Democratic Party at the State Executive Board Meeting. Saturday, 11/19 at 12-noon. At the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
1441 Quivira Road, San Diego, CA
(wear your Bernie Shirts)

Note: that same evening there is a special meeting of the Progressive Democratic Caucus at the same hotel ( )

Here is the CA DSCC system video from 2009, the numbers have changed slightly, but essentially for progressives to take over the CA Democratic Party we need to elect 14 people in each of 84 State Assembly Districts in a party-election in January 2017.

If you know a registered Democrat who is a true progressive (i.e. voted for Bernie), and would be willing to help, contact Mike Thaller (PDA) or Jose Caballero, (619) 246-2096. (

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Prop-13 and the Split Roll Property Tax

Home ownership is almost impossible for those without credit, unless you are a U.S. Veteran with a HUD loan on a FEMA house in a land rich state, you can’t even put a down-payment on a home if your credit is below 600, and yes most poor people have low credit ratings, because they can’t make ends meet. 

Yet for income inequality, the issue is not that land-ownership is all but impossible for the poor, the issue is that investment real-estate property is considered the same as primary housing. Capitalists don’t own real-estate directly, they own the corporations that own the subsidiaries that own the shell-corporations that own the real-estate. Plus, they own the property management companies that collect the rent. That may seem convoluted, but this is how it works to confuse the public.

The REAL Problem is that, in 1978, California Proposition 13 changed the law and limited Property Taxes to just 1% of the last sale-price of the real-property. That applies to ALL real-estate, not just your home or primary residence, but even commercial and investment properties, too. The average home-owner pays 7% on a 30-year mortgage, and moves every 7 years. Including real-estate fees, they actually pay close to 1% of the property value in property taxes each year. That means they pay more than the rich, who invest forever using corporations to limit their liability. 

If I miss one house payment, I get a foreclosure. That’s just not true for the REAL owners of this society, they INVEST, in corporations, that own the real-estate (i.e. banks), and those corporations don’t sell it, they lease and rent it for profit. Yet, that’s not the real money, the real money is in EQUITY, gained over time, and since the corporation’s stock can be sold (up to 49%/year) without re-assessment of the property for tax purposes, those who wish to cash-out, simply shift the property to other capitalists via stock sale, then re-invest their profits in other corporations to avoid any capital-gains tax liabilities. 

The rich then use their money to manipulate the media directly, and thus divert our attention, so that they can choose politicians who will keep taxes low and their investments secure. That’s why 10% of the land in California is hidden in Family Trusts, creating a landed elite. Ever wonder why you see so much commercial real-estate for lease, but never for sale? Why sell a building when your tax burden is only 1% of the 1978 value of that structure. Get the ‘Whole Roll’ of real-estate tax assessment data from your County Tax Assessor office and you can figure out who the subsidized, dead-beat capitalists really are. Disneyland in Anaheim CA only pays 1/10th of their fair share of property taxes, most commercial and investment real-estate in California is the same. 

What is worse, this ‘secret’ business practice robbed the state government of the resources necessary to pay for vital public infrastructure, like roads, schools, libraries, and hospitals, shifting the burden to average home-owners who move every 7-years and are thus re-assessed at current prices for property-tax purposes. The rich get richer, while the poor get the bill.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Green Scene; Dr. Richard Somerville, Action on Climate Science

DR. Richard Somerville
"What does a climate scientist think we should do about climate change?"

Event Summary:

Join us for this SPECIAL EVENT to hear from renowned climate scientist Dr. Somerville!

Dr. Richard Somerville has a lifetime of research and peer relationships to share with us on this Special Evening. Register now to hear his unique perspective on the challenge of Climate Change and what needs to be done to alter our course.

Event Detail:

Dr. Richard Somerville, sits on the Science and Security Boardof The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists which recently moved the "Doomsday Clock" to 3 minutes to midnight. 

He worked on the Forth UN Inter-government Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) Assessment which won the organization theNobel Peace Prize for their work on Climate Change Science. This 2007 Nobel Prize was shared equally by the IPCC and Vice-President Al Gore.

Climate science is robust and tells us that the world is on a path to dire consequences. Can citizens, businesses and governments generate the will, both politically and economically, to act on this issue before it is too late?

Special Guest:

Dr. Richard Somerville

Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Research Professor

Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of California, San Diego.

Richard C. J. Somerville Climate Scientist Professor, Researcher, Author, Speaker, Consultant Richard Somerville is Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Research Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, U.S.A. He is a theoretical meteorologist and an expert on computer simulations of the atmosphere. He received a B.S. in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University in 1961 and a Ph. D. in meteorology from New York University in 1966. He has been a professor at Scripps since 1979. His research is focused on critical physical processes in the climate system, especially the role of clouds and the important feed backs that can occur as clouds change with a changing climate. Somerville is an authority on the prospects for climate change in coming decades. He is an author, co-author or editor of more than 200 scientific publications. His broader interests include all aspects of climate, including climate science outreach and the interface between science and public policy. He was an organizer and signer of the Bali Climate Declaration by Scientists, in which more than 200 climate scientists from more than 20 countries urged climate change negotiators to agree on large and rapid reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions.

He is also a co-author of The Copenhagen Diagnosis, a report by 26 climate science experts from 8 countries, summarizing important new research results. Somerville comments frequently on climate and environmental issues for the media. He has also trained schoolteachers, testified before the United States Congress, briefed United Nations climate change negotiators, and advised government agencies on research, education and outreach. He has received awards from the American Meteorological Society for both his research and his popular book,"The Forgiving Air: Understanding Environmental Change," a new edition of which was published in 2008. Among many honors, he is a Fellow of both the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Meteorological Society. More information here

Recorded on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1088 Third St., San Diego, CA 92101
Venue available for rent - (619) 234-1088

Monday, February 16, 2015

Special Report from Voice of San Diego on SEMPRA, the F.B.I. and foreign bribery

Week of Feb 10th, 2015,
Voice of San Diego's reporter, Liam Dillon, has a new three part report on the FBI investigation into SEMPRA Energy and there questionable business practices in Mexico. SEMPRA has successfully used the Federal Government to harass their Mexican competitors.

On Friday Roundtable they talked about this SEMPRA Scandal and the strange narrative that includes so much of the back-room dealing within the San Diego/Tijuana region. This is the ghost of the secret power struggles behind your energy utility and politicians.

As reported on KPBS

Voice of San Diego investigates SEMPRA and AZANO

The Politician that Gave SEMPRA Mexico

VOSD's Report on the Mexican Businessman describes
José Susumo Azano Matsura as a Goliath; 
heir to a Mexican development empire, defense contractor, 
high roller and political wheeler-dealer.

All this is part of

Sempra’s Shady Road to Dominance in Mexico

Monday, November 17, 2014

California Democratic Council - Social Media Integration, Web Training

Published on Nov 16, 2014
John Loughlin of Ruby White ( ) provided an informative half-hour introduction to using Social Networks with standard California Democratic Council, Word Press Websites. Published on Nov 16, 2014
John Loughlin of Ruby White ( ) provided an informative half-hour introduction to using Social Networks with standard California Democratic Council, Word Press Websites. 

California Democratic Council - Social Media Integration, Web Training

Please watch John Loughlin of teach the California Democratic Council how to integrate social networking into their Dem Club Websites. Then use his #RubyWhite techniques to spread democracy. Thanks for using the #SimCenter in downtown San Diego ( ) - the venue is available for rent nights and weekends.